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Question   aZCpjsmWkXn
Yo, that's what's up tutrhulfly.

- Mikel Mikel December 16, 2011

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Question   Magnificant Photography
Kathy, you have created a masterpiece. You should have started years ago. You missed your calling. Keep 'em coming! I just love your work.

- Linda Preece February 11, 2011

  Answer Hot damn, looking ptrtey useful buddy.

- Latisha Latisha  December 16, 2011

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Question   Exceptional work, Kathy!!
I am so pleased to see your work showcased so beautifully, Kathy! Each and every image is a feast for the eyes :) You know I am a fan of your amazing animal shots...but every single image is an inspiration...your talent is boundless!
PS: Your mother has every reason to be proud :))

- Patti Coblentz February 06, 2011

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Question   Awsome
Awsome Kathy! I'm so proud of you and the photographer you've become! You have such talent! Now go work for National Geographic girl! xo

- Beverly Servati February 02, 2011

  Answer This shows real exrpetise. Thanks for the answer.

- Lidia Lidia  December 16, 2011

  Answer Good point. I hadn't tuhoght about it quite that way. :)

- Betsey Betsey  December 17, 2011

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Question   Your Gallery

Your work is exceptionally beautiful. I am so blessed to call you friend and to look up to you as a mentor for my work.

Keep us entranced by the photos you post and continue to show us the beauty beyond what is right in front of us.

- Carol A. Grady February 02, 2011

  Answer I cannot tell a lie, that really hpeled.

- Bryson Bryson  December 16, 2011

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Question   Creativity
Kathy, How can anyone so creative be related to me? Great work

- John Cicotta February 02, 2011

  Answer I'm not wrtohy to be in the same forum. ROTFL

- Marv Marv  December 16, 2011

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Question   WOW!!
Your ability to capture nature's beauty is magnificent. So inspiring and creative. Awesome work Kathy!

- Barb Grady February 01, 2011

  Answer Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very impoatrnt.

- Summer Summer  December 16, 2011

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Question   beautiful photos that i just love.4263
I think the photos are wonderful and the photographer is marvelous, of course she is my daughter and I am v ery proud of her. She is great.

- Jean Gross February 01, 2011

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